Rolling Hills Improvements

Rolling Hills Improvements

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Graphic icon for Rolling Hills Drive improvements

What is this Project?

This project consists of two main parts:

  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements along the existing corridor between Highway 71B and Old Missouri Road, along with traffic flow improvements at critical intersections. Bond Phase One funding is for design only. 

Why is It Important?

Rolling Hills serves as an important east-west connection. Improving this connection for traffic capacity and safety is a priority.  The existing section of Rolling Hills carries about 10,000 cars per day, but also is a street serving an existing neighborhood, and is a connection to Butterfield School.  Therefore, safe facilities for bicycles and pedestrians is a priority as well.  The cross section and details of the design will need to address all of these concerns.

What is the Current Status?

Concept drawing with roundabouts. Click here to download pdf.

2019 Bond Rolling Hills with Roundabouts

Concept drawings of street options. 

Image of two street cross-section options side by side

Public Comment

We want your input!  To complete a short survey regarding plans for street and drainage improvements planned for Rolling Hills, click here

When Will it be Completed?

Construction is scheduled to be completed by 2023.

How is it Funded?

Phase one funding, for design only, is provided by the Bond issue passed by voters in April, 2019.