Morningside Drive 24-inch Waterline Replacement

Morningside 24

What is this project?

Morningside Drive, between E. Huntsville Rd. and E. 15th Street, contains an aged cast-iron 24-inch water transmission line. Other segments of this line have already been replaced due to age and frequency of leaks. This project will replace approximately 3,300 linear feet of waterline.

Why is it important?

The replacement of this line will reduce risk to nearby properties and reduce the frequency of maintenance burdens to the City of Fayetteville. It will also reduce the likelihood of water outages related to breaks.

What is the current status?

McClelland Consulting Engineers, Inc. has completed all design and permitting work. All easements have been acquired and the project will go to public bidding in Fall 2019.

When is completion expected?

Construction will begin early 2020.

How was this project funded?

This project is funded within the Water Rehabilitation project for the Water & Sewer Department.