Rolling Hills Area Improvements

Rolling Hills projects include drainage and street improvements, the intersection of Rolling Hills with N. College Avenue (part of 71B Corridor Plan), and ideas for providing safe pathways for all types of transportation (vehicle drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians). 

In addition, a protected-bike-lane pilot project, one of the city’s tactical urbanism projects undertaken by the local non-profit organization, Bike NWA, on Rolling Hills Drive, has recently come to a close. The black bumpers used in the pilot will be removed in mid-February, to be replaced by rumble strips and bike reflectors as an interim solution until the permanent street improvements are completed.

Maps showing 2019 Bond Projects Phase One (November 2019 – June 2022) can be found in the “Your Tax Dollars at Work” section of the City’s website at

View the Rolling Hills Rumble Strip Plans here (pdf)
View the Rolling Hills Buffer Detail Plan here (pdf)

Rolling Hills Drive: concept drawing with roundabouts   Click here to download 3MB PDF
2019 Bond Rolling Hills with Roundabouts

Concept drawing of street options Click here to download PDF

Image of two street cross-section options side by side

Concept drawing with proposed drainage improvements in the neighborhood   Click here to download 4MB PDF2019 Bond Rolling Hills Drainage Improvements

Comment Online

If you would like to comment on these projects, but were unable to attend the public input session, please click here to take a quick survey and provide us with your input. Thank you!