Replacement Parking

On December 18, 2018, City Council passed resolution 250-18 supporting $10M from the Cultural Arts Corridor Bond being spent on replacement parking for the parking spaces in the West Ave. parking lot at Dickson St. and West Ave. where the Civic Plaza is to be built. Then on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, the Citizens of Fayetteville voted yes on question 8 in the Bond that authorized $31,685,000 for Arts Corridor improvements. Question 8 specifically stated that prior to the removal or loss of twenty-five (25) or more public parking spaces from the West Ave. parking lot related to the Cultural Arts Corridor construction, the City must replace the 290 parking spaces that will be lost within 1000 feet of the Walton Arts Center’s west public entrance.

Study of Possible Locations 

On March 12, 2019, City staff and Garver Engineering provided an analysis of several locations within 1000 feet of the Walton Arts Center’s west public entrance that would be suitable for replacement parking. That analysis identified three locations that met bond criteria:

  • Depot Lot – NW corner of Dickson St. and West Ave.
  • East Lot – Located on the east side of School Ave. between Dickson St. and Spring St.
  • Nadine Baum Studios Site – Located on the west side of West Ave. between Spring St. and Meadow St.

Click here to review the Site Evaluation Report.

Based on the cost to replace the Nadine Baum Studio building and the lack of Walton Arts Center and University of Arkansas interest in redeveloping the site, Mayor Jordan and Staff recommend eliminating Nadine Baum as an option for replacement parking. The Depot lot and the East lot on School Ave. both appear to be workable options for the replacement parking deck. Based on this more detailed Replacement Parking Deck Decision Matrix, the Mayor and Administration recommend the Depot lot as the preferred and most viable option for replacement parking.

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200115 - Depot Lot and East Lot Relative Massing