Bulky Waste

Bulky Waste Clean-Ups

2018 Fall BulkyWaste Clean-Up Events

The Recycling and Trash Collection Division sponsors eight bulky waste clean-ups per year (four in the Spring and four in the Fall) for the disposal of large bulky items. These clean-ups are free and for Fayetteville residents only; a recent copy of a water bill is required to verify residency.
All clean-ups will occur on a Saturday and will begin at 7 a.m. and end at 2 p.m. Dates and locations are coordinated with City Council members and posted approximately one month before the clean-ups begin.
 View the 2018 Fall Bulky Waste Clean-Up Flyer (PDF)

 View the 2018 Fall Bulky Waste Clean-Up Flyer (png) 

Bulky Waste Pick-Ups

he City of Fayetteville provides one free bulky waste pick-up per year to residents of single-family and duplex homes. This service is to handle large furniture, appliances, and brush/tree WNUL logolimbs. Only one category type of items may be selected for curbside bulky waste pick-up. See categories below.
You can opt to forfeit your free curbside pick-up and, instead, bring up to five accepted items from multiple categories to the Transfer Station for free along with your current water bill. Additional bulky waste pick-ups of up to five items within the same category can be scheduled for $45 plus tax.
 To schedule a pick-up at your home in Fayetteville, please call the Recycling and Trash Collection Division.

  1. Acceptable Categories and Item
  2. Service Limitations
  3. Rules and Regulations

Bulky waste is divided into three categories for collection: Household, Metal, and Yard Waste. You may dispose of up to five items within the same category per free bulky waste pick-up. If you have multiple items in different categories, these must be picked up on different days. Therefore, only one of those pick-ups will be free (per year). Bulk is different from regular yard waste schedules.

1. Bulk Household

  • Artificial Christmas trees
  • Chairs and couches
  • Entertainment centers
  • Hot tub covers
  • Landscape timbers (10 only)
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Sinks and tubs (excluding cast iron)
  • Lawn furniture
  • Doors - no glass
  • Swing sets - wooden only
  • Building materials (limited)
  • Carpet (3 - 6'x6' rolls)

Excludes tires, trash bags, cardboard boxes full of debris or packing paper, cast iron tubs, toilets, and sinks, electronics, hazardous materials, railroad ties, tree stumps, treated lumber, and concrete-slabs.

2. Bulk Metal

  • Major appliances
  • Lawnmowers, weed eaters, and tillers
  • Mailboxes and poles (all concrete must be removed)
  • Old metal trashcans (must be empty)

Excludes air conditioners, water coolers, freezers, refrigerators, tire rims, and electronics.

3. Bulk Brush

  • Brush
  • Tree limbs

Excludes dirt, food waste, plastic bags, rock, sludge, and sod.

*There is a maximum of 12 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter per limb. There is a limit of 3 standard pick-up truck size loads. If you have less than one truckload of brush and or tree limbs, please prepare the items for yard waste pick up or bring to the Compost Facility for disposal.

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Boston Mountain 2

Boston Mountain Solid Waste District accepts hazardous waste items as well as provides a bulky waste program for residents of the two county district (Madison and Washington Counties). Call 479-846-3005 for information on fees, locations, and/or to schedule a collection.